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Titus II Discipleship Ministry

                            (Women Helping Women)

What every mentor should know:   Mentoring Module 101


Titus 2:3-5

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

Overview:  This is not just a call to match older women with younger women. This  gospel imperative is one part of the covenant life. It is to be viewed as  an essential part of the church’s method to disciple it members. “Older women” is not just a reference to age. It also involves spiritual maturity. This is a spiritual nurturing ministry for women of all ages.  It is gender specific, life on life discipleship where women promote spiritual growth through friendship , encourage one another to be faithful in all things,  and equip  one another to live for God’s glory as a   christian woman.

Mission Statement:

The Swope Parkway Church of Christ women, being in prayer in all things, working together in upholding unity, peace and spirituality among our sisters of all ages.


1.To build intentional relationship by:

  • Widening our circle of friendships among women within the church family
  • Spending meaningful time with one another

2. To strengthen women by:

  • Spending time in the word of God
  • Entering the word of God in our conversations when we are together
  • Providing workshops, seminars and other activities targeted to the needs and growth of women

3. Serving God by using our  giftedness for the benefit of others by:

  • Adjusting our time/schedule to express care and meet the needs of others
  • Be an example in the community so that our behavior may win others to Christ

Qualities of an effective mentor:

Qualities of a mentor include:

  1. A desire to help
  • Individuals who are interested in discipleship and wish to help others

         2.A good reputation

  • Individuals known to others as good and faithful servants

        3.Time an energy

  • Individuals who have both the time and energy to devote to the relationship

        4.A learning attitude

  • Individuals who are still willing and able to learn and who see the possible benefits from a mentoring relationship

       5. Loves the Lord and His church

  • Individuals who are not ashamed of the gospel, nor ashamed of the name “Church of Christ”.


  1.  Be a praying woman
  2. Be yourself
  • Don’t put on airs
  • Be honest, trustworthy, and credible (you will make mistakes, you are human)
  • Accept yourself and your  imperfections (You WILL grow from them)
  • It’s ok to be a little anxious((it’s normal)
  • Read and reread Titus II and live as a Titus II  Woman
  1. Be able to tolerate Emotional intensity
  • Support the full range of emotions
  • Be comfortable with anger, grief, etc.,
  • Be comfortable with aggravation, lack of interest, etc.
  1. Be flexible
  • Be able to interpret comments
  • Be able to relate comments to subject at hand
  • Assist others in  developing appropriate responses


  1. Engage the group
  • Use activities
  • Interact with them one on one
  • Be  willing to explore ways to keep members interest


Program Expectations: At all times, the  activities, teachings and behaviors of the participants  are to reflect the doctrine of the Church  Christ.

Level of Commitment:  (See  attachment appendix 3 and 4

Titus II  is implemented with no  end date in mind, however after  one year, the ministry will be evaluated   by soliciting feedback on its four components with emphasis  on the small mentoring groups and the One on One  mentoring relationships. It generally  takes  two to three years for young women to  be able to articulate  and apply  biblical concepts to their everyday life. Mentors and mentees alike, are asked  to make a one year commitment, always understanding that their circumstances may change  and prevent this. Outcomes expected: See mission statement and goals.


Benefits and rewards of mentoring:

  • It replaces the loneliness of the older years.
  • It gives a deep abiding satisfaction that only comes from helping others.
  • It helps older women recapture the memories of the past  and the lessons that life has taught them.
  • It helps make the next generation strong, faithful, determined and persevering!
  • Energizes one’s life
  • Brings a quality of life one never dreamed possible!

(Mentoring others does not mean that one have to spend a lot of extra time with others. Sometimes, it is as simple as beinga loving, Godly, caringexample. Spirituality issometimes better caught than taught!YOUNGER WOMEN NEED TO SEE IT LIVED OUT!Older women need to ask ourselves: Whatam I doing today that will impact thegeneration of women in the Lord’s Church?