January 2019   
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Titus 2 - Ladies Ministry
Leader: Doris Holleman & Barbara Hervey
In response to  God's mandate in Titus II,  a group of eight  sisters came together and faithfully committed themselves to bringing  that command to fruition. In the summer 2012, we completed the development of a mentoring program  to include all women and girls of  Swope Parkway. Thus,  the Titus II Discipleship Ministry (Women Helping Women) was born.
                                            Mission Statement of the Titus II Discipleship Ministry
The Swope Parkway Church of Christ Women, being prayerful in all things, working to uphold unity, peace and spirituality among our sisters of all ages
To develop and strengthen intimate relationships among women and teenagers, and to equip them to think biblically and live a covenant life with Jesus Christ; to grow in love and service to the church, to bridge the gap betweeen aged women and young women; and to fulfill the mandate of Titus 2:1,3-5.