Delores E. Dawson-Roberts Scholarship Fund

Who was Delores E. Dawson-Roberts

Delores was the mother of the original grantors of this scholarship, which will be in her name.  Delores instilled in her children the value of academic excellence.  Education was her passion.  In her Christian walk she led her children to Christ, taught others about Christ and taught children’s bible school.  Delores was indeed a great parent and a woman of God.

This scholarship is intended to help the children at Swope Parkway, strive for academic excellence as they live Christian lives, and glorify their Father in heaven.  This is her legacy.


The Fund was established at the Swope Parkway Church of Christ on June 25, 2001. The original grantors (contributors) to the fund:

Brenda (Pledger) Fisher               Harold and Denice (Pledger) Jackson

Homer Pledger                            Mark and Deborah Pledger


To provide annual tuition and/or book scholarships to qualified student(s) who are enrolled in an accredited college or university to pursue an undergraduate degree.


To be eligible for the scholarship the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Apply for the scholarship by the first day of April of the year in which the scholarship is to be awarded, and
  • Be a member of the Swope Parkway Church of Christ, and
  • Be accepted as a freshman in an accredited college or university when the scholarship is awarded, and
  • Have at least a “B” average in high school, and
  • Complete community service hours through the Swope Parkway Church of Christ as required by the Youth Ministry of the church, and
  • Submit a typed essay, minimum 500 words about why he or she should receive this scholarship chosen from the following topics: Education, Giving, Respect, Caring, Commitment, and
  • Submit a recommendation from the Swope Parkway Church of Christ from either a current Sunday school teacher, deacon, minister or elder, and
  • Submit an academic recommendation from either a high school teacher, counselor or principal.

Investment of Scholarship Money

The money of the Scholarship Fund shall be invested in an investment vehicle(s) that will seek to provide a high level of income while also employing equity strategies to keep pace with the rising cost of living and inflation. It is the aim of the fund to use earnings from the fund and not to diminish the fund by using the principal.

Operation of the Fund

Oversight:  The Swope Parkway Church of Christ Elders will be responsible for making certain that the fund is used appropriately.

Administration:  The Education Department Heads along with a representative from the original grantors, if available, will decide which applicant(s) will receive the scholarship.

Management:  The Financial Services Committee shall manage the fund and maintain the financial records of the scholarship fund and is responsible for writing the scholarship award checks as directed.  The scholarship award will be sent directly to the university or college of the recipient for use by the recipient and not directly to the recipient.  This scholarship fund shall be listed as a dedicated account on the balance sheet of the Church.

Note: This scholarship is wholly outside and independent of the Marion V. Holt Scholarship Fund


This scholarship fund is intended to be resident at the Swope Parkway Church of Christ as a legacy to Delores E. Dawson-Roberts and shall remain within this church body perpetually.  The principal amount of any investment(s) shall remain in tact and only the earnings shall be considered for the scholarship or expenses related to its distribution.  Any amendments or changes shall not alter the original intent of the grantors as outlined in this document.

  June 2021  
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