January 2020  
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Sick & Shut-in Ministry
Leader: James Moss

Our Purpose

The far-reaching purpose of this ministry is to minister to the spiritual, social and emotional needs of the sick and shut-in through the five acts of worship: singing, prayer, communion, collection and the teaching of the gospel of Christ. Our primary purpose is to take the Lord's Supper to the Sick and Shut-in.

Our History

This ministry was " renewed"  in April 2008 under the leadership of  Brothers Kenneth Henry and  Decotie Henry with assistance from Brothers Ron Hervey and Aldee Holleman.

Our Goals

  •  to show the sick shut-in members that their church family have not forgotten them.
  •  to bring love, joy and encouragement to the sick and shut-in.
  •  to visit all sick members weekly.

Our Mission

The mission is to provide the opportunity of (abbreviated) worship for those members who are unable to attend the Sunday services.